Three cities in Thailand receive ASEAN Environmentally Sustainable Cities Awards


PHUKET, 23 June 2014  – Three cities in Thailand received awards for excellence in environmentally sustainability, with Chiang Rai Municipality receiving this year’s overall ASEAN Environmentally Sustainable Cities Award for its notable ability to dispose of waste and for green area management. 

Mr. Noppadol Thiyajai, deputy secretary-general of the Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning (ONEP) said that ONEP is the main unit in managing the sustainable environmental resources for the country. ONEP also cooperates between ASEAN countries in order to develop indicators for air and water quality, waste, and green areas, so that cities will emit lesser carbon dioxide.

Three awards are given to cities for being able to reach the criteria in the area of Air, Water, Waste and overall environmentally friendliness. The award will set a standard and hopefully stimulate cities within the ASEAN region to follow the regulations and required indicators to meet Environmentally Sustainable City Standard. This year, Thailand hosted the award ceremony in Phuket Province, with 10 cities across the ASEAN Region receiving awards.

Chiang Rai received the ASEAN Environmentally Sustainable Cities Award 2014 for its excellence in Green Area Management, Nakhon Sawan won the award for excellence in water management, while Roi Et received the award for excellence in Waste and Green Area management.