Thief breaks into tourist’s room



Two tourists staying at a well known resort in Jomtien  reported to police that their room had been broken into  and a number of valuables had been stolen including a computer notebook, a digital camera, an I-Pod, and the safety deposit box which contained some cash, a gold necklace, rings and earrings worth over 300,000 baht.


Evidence showed the thief came in through a window that was situated next to the hotel’s perimeter wall and wooded area.

The holiday makers report their loses to the policeThe holiday makers report their loses to the police

Police believe the thief may stay around the neighborhood or be a former member of staff who knew the weakest spot to get in and out undetected.

The police were able to document some fingerprints as evidence and are now looking for the thief.


Thief breaks in to tourist’s room