Thief breaks into a French musician’s house


Police were called to another break-in on August the 23rd this time at a house on Soi Watboonkanchanaram. At the scene they took a statement from a 32 year old female friend of the home owner name Po, she stated that the house is owned by a 44 year old Frenchman named Mr. Bruno he is ill and was resting in the house.

When she came to visit him she found the doors unlocked Mr. Bruno asleep on the couch, she woke him up and he noticed that his two Takamine acoustic guitars worth 10,000 euros and a fender electric guitar and a laptop had been stolen.

The homeowner points to where his beloved guitar should be.

Further investigation revealed that the lock on the gate, at the back of the house had been broken and discarded in the garden and the screen door was removed and placed in the kitchen.

It is suspected that the thief must be someone from the neighborhood as he or she must have known of Mr. Bruno’s condition.

The police were able to take some fingerprints from the house and will use these to try and track down the culprits.

Thief breaks into a French musician’s house