Police arrest two necklace thieves


On August the 24th police were alerted that two teenagers riding a blue & black Honda motorbike with a 648 Chonburi license plate were snatching necklaces from foreigners.

The boys in brown went to investigate and tracked down the two thieves on the Pattaya-Naklua road, a chase ensued in which the teenagers lost control of their motorbike and crashed into an electricity pole, sustaining injuries.

Hopefully their collision will knock some sense into these young tear-aways.

These young men who have been terrorizing tourists and giving Pattaya a bad name were identified as 18 year old Thawatchai Srinachoo and 23 year old Ophas Sualek.

They confessed to snatching necklaces from foreigners and have even tried to steal property from a hotel on 2nd Road.

Hopefully the court will deal them the maximum sentence as an example to others who think that stealing is a way to make a living.

Police arrest two necklace thieves