Their Majesties the King and Queen attend royal duties in Sakon Nakhon

Their Majesties the King and Queen attended to royal duties in Sakon Nakhon province.

Their Majesties the King and Queen traveled to the city gate of Sakon Nakhon province.

On their arrival, Their Majesties lit royal ceremonial candles, spoke an oath and bestowed ceremonial tributes on the province’s governor and deputy governor, for presentation to Wat Phra That Choeng Chum, the spiritual center of Sakon Nakhon.

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Sakon Nakhon’s city gate, also known as its Nong Harn Luang sculpture, was constructed to serve as a symbol of the province. The gate consists of three model palaces and hosts a model of Luang Por Phra Ong San, the province’s patron Buddha statue, as well as images of Luang Pu Man Bhuritato and Luang Pu Pun Ajaro, well-known monks from Sakon Nakhon. The base of the gate is a sculpture depicting the legend of NongHarn, an important part of the area’s history. The gate is located on Nittayo Road in Muang district of Sakon Nakhon.

Their Majesties proceeded to Vajiralongkorn Auditorium of Rajabhat Sakon Nakhon University to bestow diplomas on the 2016-2017 graduates of the institute’s northeastern region as well as graduates of Rajabhat Nakhon Ratchasima University.

His Majesty the King presented Her Majesty the Queen with an honorary doctorate in public administration, awarded to her by the council of 38 Rajabhat universities and Suan Dusit University in recognition of Her Majesty’s abilities in the military, aviation and in aiding the public. The degree acknowledges Her Majesty’s completion of various military courses, her role as a co-pilot and her work to help Thai citizens in different localities.

His Majesty the King handed degrees to a total 1,173 Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate graduates of Rajabhat Sakon Nakhon University and another 1,176 graduates of Rajabhat Nakhon Ratchasima University.


Addressing the graduates, His Majesty the King remarked “Rajabhat universities continue to develop local areas while enhancing education. This is a very satisfying course of action. Graduates of this institution have a strong foundation of knowledge and skills and are equipped to be leaders and drivers of their local areas. Once you proceed in your careers, regardless of which path you choose, apart from working in your occupation you must all seek to better your local areas. If you all understand this and apply the knowledge and experience you have acquired to affect the very basis of this nation, prosperity will result for all”. (NNT)