The Ministry of Public Health warns drinkers of alcohol withdrawal effects after Songkran


BANGKOK, 16 April 2015,  The Ministry of Public Health has expressed concerns over the effects of alcohol withdrawal after Songkran celebrations, advising drinkers to rest, and refrain from drinking energy drinks and from driving.

The Minister of Public Health, Dr. Ratchata Ratchatanawin, yesterday revealed that a lot of Thais suffer from the effects of alcohol withdrawal after the long Songkran holidays. He explained that, for the next 2-3 days after they stop drinking, revelers would suffer from fatigue, frustration, and anxiety attacks.

The minister said hallucination, shaking, sweating, and body shock, are the more common symptoms in severe cases.

Dr. Ratchata indicated that the reason drinkers may feel weaker after they stop drinking is because they usually forego eating prior to a drinking session, causing a nutritional deficiency. He said the best way to treat the symptoms is simply resting and consuming, fruit, vegetables and drinks containing sugar.

He said the patients should stay away from energy drinks because they would stimulate their nervous system when what it needs is rest. The minister also strongly suggests those withdrawing from excessive alcohol intake, refrain from driving, in order to prevent accidents resulting from driver fatigue.