The Asian Symposium on Creativity & Innovation Management to be held in Thailand


BANGKOK– The Institute for Knowledge and Innovation Southeast Asia, at Bangkok University this week organized a press conference entitled “Creative Bangkok: Unlocking the Power of Creativity” to announce that it is hosting the Asian Symposium on Creativity & Innovation Management (ASCIM 2016)

The event was attended by Canada’s Ambassador to Thailand, His Excellency Mr. Philip Calvert, who presided over the press conference. Well-known business people also joined the occasion to give special talks, including Mr.Kriangkrai Kanjanapokin, Co-chief Executive officer of Index Creative Village Public Company Limited, who spoke about the secret to creative thinking in business development, and Mr. Sawyer J. Lahr and Mr.Adisorn Supawatanakul, Director and General Manager at Teak Research Company Limited, experts in research innovation who shared insights into how to truly understand the market and the consumers.

Mr.Petch Osathanugrah, President of Bangkok University, said at the press conference that it is time for Thai society to stop the copy-and -paste process and focus on creating one’s own innovations. He stressed that the most important thing for education in Thailand, whether for teachers or students, is the courage to unlock one’s creativity and unleash new ideas in terms that make a difference.

Dr.Vincent Ribuire, Managing Director of the Institute for Knowledge and Innovation Southeast Asia said that the institute had worked with Canadian organizations and colleges to host the Asian Symposium on Creativity & Innovation Management (ASCIM 2016). The main Topic is “From Imitation to Innovation”. The symposium brings together more than 50 experts in creativity and innovation from around the world and various industries such as Index Creative Village, IKEA, Google, Cirque du Soleil, SCG Mosaic-HEC Montreal and NASA. The symposium will be held over the period February 21-26, 2016. For more information contact