Thaksin could accept brief imprisonment in his reconciliation plan


BANGKOK, 17 July 2011 – Democrat Party MP Attaporn Ponlaboot explained that even though the red shirt activist had prepared a compelling case against the election commission during the investigation of election’s result, he believed that the red shirt political group will not make a move since some of the group’s mainstay and fugitive former premier Thaksin Shinawatra appeared to be emphasizing on reconciliation plan, this however had disappointed part of the red shirt activists. 

Mr.Attaporn elaborated that the methods of Thaksin’s reconciliation plan might have undergone a discussion with every department, with an intention to return to the country without an amnesty but a month or 15 days of imprisonment to whitewash the faults so that Thaksin Shinawatra will be able to join politics once again. However, if the reconciliation method’s of Thaksin Shinawatra is as assumed, Democrat party will have no rights to interfere with decisions made but it is strongly believed that the politics in the country would experience more unrest.