Myanmar calls off import ban on Thai goods


BANGKOK, July 17 – Myanmar’s Commerce Ministry annulled its import ban on 15 Thai items from Thailand, according to Thailand’s director-general of Trade Negotiations Department.

Ms Srirat Rastapana said the 15 types of merchandise were fresh fruits, monosodium glutamate (MSG), chewing gum, sweet drinks and other beverages, crackers, wafers, cake, canned food, instant noodles, liquor, beer, cigarettes, plastic products, and other controlled goods.

The annulment was made last month after over ten years of prohibition. However, licences to import these goods are obligatory and to be issued by the Commerce Ministry of Myanmar.

Representatives of Thailand’s Trade Negotiations Department had travelled to Myanmar twice in October and December last year in order to negotiate the issue, for Thailand saw that the 15 types of goods were popular among Burmese consumers, particularly sweet drinks and other beverages, canned food and MSG.

The import ban will directly benefit Thailand’s importers as in 2010 Thailand had exported goods to Myammar for Bt7.7 billion.