Thais warned against 6 winter diseases


BANGKOK, 19 December 2013 The Public Health Ministry is warning Thais nationwide against 6 winter diseases, while urging people living in low temperature areas to keep themselves warm at all times. 

Dr. Narong Sahametapat, Permanent Secretary to Public Health Ministry, has revealed that people have greater chance of catching a disease in cold weather. According to him, there are six diseases people ususally come down with during this time of year: influenza, pneumonia, diarrhea, measles, rubella, and chickenpox.

He has ordered all Public Health Offices across Thailand to raise awareness of the 6 diseases and assist those in need, especially the elderly, children, and people with chronic illnesses; as this group of people is likely to have severe symptoms when catching a disease.

The permanent secretary has also urged people residing in low temperature areas to keep themselves warm by donning winter clothes, doing exercises regularly, getting adequate rest, and eating right.