Thais urged to maintain late King’s legacy of natural resource preservation


BANGKOK – The Secretary-General of the Chaipattana Foundation has called on Thai people to help preserve the country’s natural resources in line with the royal initiative of His Majesty the late King Rama IX.

During the 15th annual conference of the Medical Service Department of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, Secretary-General of the Chaipattana Foundation Dr Sumet Tantivejkul gave a keynote address under the title “The Future of Thailand through the Eyes of King Rama IX”.

Dr Sumet pointed out that His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej observed and studied nature by himself and kindly passed on what he learnt to his subordinates. He would always make sure that his people were informed of and understood all his royal initiatives and undertakings, especially those concerning environmental conservation, hoping they would be able to carry on his works through future generations for national benefits.

According to the Chaipattana Foundation Secretary-General, the world population is on a rapid increase, whereas habitable areas are on the decline due to natural disasters and human destruction. Should natural resources run out, he said the world would come to an end. In this regard, he encouraged the Thai people to continue to uphold the late King’s legacy of sustaining natural resources and the environment for their survival.