All Thais to unite for massive show of loyalty to HM the King on November 22


All Thai people in the country and overseas are invited to join in a massive show of loyalty to the beloved King Bhumibol Adulyadej on November 22 at 8.00 am to mark His Majesty’s 89th birthday anniversary which will fall on December 5.


Officially calling the event ‘Ruam Phalang Haeng Kwam Phak Dee’ or translated as ‘United Show of Fealty and Fidelity’, Prime Minister’s Office Minister ML Panada Diskul said the event is planned to coincide with His Majesty’s 89th birthday anniversary which will fall on December 5.

The event will be sponsored by the government on behalf of the nation as a representation of the Thai people’s love for their King as well as a homage to His Majesty’s many contributions to the country, he said.

He said Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-Ocha will lead the nation in singing the national anthem at 8.00 am in front of the Thai Khu fah building inside the Government House.

After the song, the prime minister will lead all people in the nation to recite the swearing of allegiance in front of the portrait of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej before closing with a joint singing of the Royal Anthem, ML Panada said.

He said November 22 has also been officially designated as the beginning date for which all Thai people are to do good deeds as a tribute to His Majesty.

In the provinces, the provincial governors will lead all the people to gather in front of city halls to sing the National Anthem together at 8.00 am and join the swearing of allegiance.

At the same time, Foreign Minister Don Pramudwinai, the stated that he has communicated will all Thai embassies and consulates to organize the ceremony on November 22 which he said is convenient for Thais living abroad as it is a holiday.