Thais nationwide celebrate Chakri Memorial Day


Bangkok – People in provinces nationwide organized activities to commemorate Chakri Day on April 6, to celebrate the founding of the Chakri dynasty.

Police, military officers, civil servants, the private sector, 19 community leaders and residents of Phra Nakhon district of Bangkok, led by Col Anuphap Sirimonthon, Deputy Secretary General of the Royal Thai Army, attended an event in honor of the Chakri dynasty at Phra Chetuphonwimol Mangkhalaram Temple.

They placed offerings before the image of King Rama I who established the Chakri dynasty. There is also an exhibition in honor of all kings of the Chakri dynasty.

In Trat province, government officials and people jointly offered flowers to King Buddhayodfa the Great, the first king of the Chakri dynasty, and there was a religious ceremony as a tribute to all late kings of the Chakri dynasty.

In Chachoengsao, people participated in a ceremony to mark Chakri Day to express their loyalty and gratitude to all former kings of the dynasty for their benevolence.