Thailand’s ranking in marine garbage volume down to 10th


BANGKOK – Thailand’s ranking in production of the world’s marine garbage volume fallen to 10th due to a remarkable decrease in the amount of single-use plastic and foam containers.

Chatuphorn Burutphat, permanent secretary of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, said the government has taken effective measures to reduce marine garbage with a reduction of single-use plastic bags alongside the continual awareness of the people and tourists. Therefore, Thailand’s ranking improved from sixth to 10th place, which is a good sign regarding the country’s single-use plastic policies.

Over 50 private firms and institutes have joined with the public sector in a campaign, which begins on January 1, 2020, to refrain from distributing or using plastic bags and foam containers at department stores, shopping centers and fresh food markets. The campaign is designed to rid the country of single-use plastic bags.

The permanent secretary said Thailand has obviously succeeded in the ASEAN-level administration and management of garbage, especially regarding marine garbage disposal. Public awareness has also been raised regarding the sorting of garbage for recycling.