Thailand unaffected by Tier 3 ranking in Trafficking in Persons Report


BANGKOK, 21 September 2015 – The Secretary-General of the Department of American and South Pacific Affairs says Thailand’s Tier 3 ranking in the Trafficking in Persons report will have no repercussions on Thailand’s economy. 

Songsak Saicheua, Thailand’s Secretary-General of the Department of American and South Pacific Affairs, spoke at a seminar on the matter, saying the country was downgraded to the report’s lowest ranking due to inadequate enforcement by the authorities, lack of proper protection for victims and a failure to address human trafficking in the country’s fishing industry.

He said Thailand has disagreed with the assessment by the United States and has pointed out its various successes in the past year in empowering officials, enforcing the law and prosecuting violators. It has since submitted a progress report to the United States for reconsideration.

As for any repercussions from Thailand’s standing in the report, Mr Songsak says Thailand has continued to conduct trading activities with the United States and Europe as usual, although the United States has suspended cultural and educational assistance projects. He also said the President of the United States has until October 25 to consider exempting Thailand from various punishments associated with the Tier 3 ranking.