Thailand to show sincerity to BRN in restoring peace in restive south


BANGKOK, 15 March 2013 National Security Council (NSC) Secretary-General Paradorn Pattanathabutr said he will lead a team of Thai officials to talk with a militant group BRN in Malaysia on March 28th through a peaceful approach. 

According to the NSC Secretary General, Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has given his team a policy which focuses on conveying to the BRN that the Thai government is sincere in its attempt to restore peace in the South, and that every sector involved is working in unity.

Lt. Gen. Paradorn said 15 representatives from the military will also join in the discussion with the BRN although further details can’t be disclosed at present, as coordination with Malaysia and BRN is still underway.

As for the 9 other insurgent groups wanting to talk to the authority, the Lt. Gen. said it would be the responsibility of the BRN to hear them out. However, who will lead the BRN team during the talks has not yet been confirmed to the Thai authority. He speculated that it will be known to the public a few days before March 28th.