Thailand to review National Research Policy and Strategy


BANGKOK, Sept 10 — Thailand’s National Research Council is setting out to review the Eighth National Research Policy and Strategy to meet changing situations in the country.

A public hearing on the draft revision of the Eighth National Research Policy and Strategy, covering the years 2012-2016, was held by the Office of National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT) in Bangkok today, aiming to review the policy and strategy to the changing situations in the country.

NRCT Secretary General Soottiporn Chittmittrapap said the research strategy will be formulated in accordance with the National Economic and Social Development Plan, focusing on the agro-industrial development of several areas, especially the five major economic crops including rice, cassava, rubber, oil palm and sugarcane.

He believed an effective research strategy will increase the country’s export capacity and expand economic growth, as Malaysia and Brazil have done. They are the largest exporters of palm oil and sugarcane in the world respectively.

Dr Sootiporn said the revised policy will support the application of research in both the community at large and the business sector, as well as improve access to related information and solve the issue of intellectual property rights.


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