Thailand to cool down further by Jan 27


BANGKOK, 24 January 2014  Thailand’s upper parts will be battling more cold weather as forecasts suggest that temperatures will drop further in the region. 

The Meteorological Department has reported that during January 27-28, another cold front from China will prevail over the northern region, bringing the temperature down by up to 3 degree Celsius. The Northeast will be first hit before the high pressure cell begins to affect nearby regions.

Currently, the pressure cell covering the North is weakening, giving respite to residents struggling to adapt to the prolonged cold weather. The average temperature is expected to rise by 2-4 degree.

As thick fogs continue to be reported in many areas, commuters have been urged to exercise extra caution when traveling.

Bangkok and its vicinity will be warmer by 2-3 degree at the end of this week with fog reported in the morning.

Monsoons previously dominating the southern provinces hav also shown signs of weakening.