Thailand prepares for students’ credit transfer within ASEAN


BANGKOK, 2 August 2012  – Thai Universities are preparing to handle credit transfers of students in ASEAN countries when the AEC is established. 

President of Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi Dr. Namyut Songtanaphitak has revealed that his university is in the process of adjusting its curriculum and content to be more consistent with the standard of other universities in the ASEAN region. He added that Rajamangala University might have to organize special classes for students from other countries who will transfer credits to the university as well.

However, transferring credits is still not possible at the moment due to the difference in the opening and closing of educational terms between Thai and other ASEAN universities. Dr. Namyut added that the time difference issue is the first thing that should be corrected.

Meanwhile, Ms. Saowanee Thairungroj, President of the Thai Chamber of Commerce University or UTCC stated that the UTCC is ready to implement credit transfers between Thai and ASEAN students according to the conditions of the Office of the Higher Education Commission. Among those conditions, a student who wishes to apply for credit transfer should have at least C grade or 2.0 in total GPA. The curriculum of his or her subjects must be 75 percent of the same content as the UTCC. And any visiting student must come to study here for more than 1 year.