Thailand needs a new brand name

Vikrom Khomardit, CEO of Amata Group says, “Thailand is at the center of everything and everywhere, we must adopt new strategies that focus on innovation and new values.”

Thailand needs a new and dynamic brand name to add value to the country’s efforts to move forward with development in all respects beyond COVID-19.

Vikrom Khomadit, CEO of Amata Group, recently suggested that Thailand play up its big advantage as the hub or crossroads of all connectivity. “We are at the center of everything and everywhere,” he noted during a brain-storming session on a public relations campaign to promote Thailand.

He reiterated that Thailand has lots of traditional norms and values that have made the country famous, among them food, tourism, Thai boxing and massage. But he also pointed out that these were archaic in the sense that people around the world are very familiar with all things Thai. Thailand needs something new. “Thailand must adopt new strategies that focus on innovation and new values. People must know about the new dynamics of Thailand,” he stressed.

With its central location in the Indo-Pacific region, Thailand must highlight the country’s latest developments in science and innovation that have made the country unique, according to Kriengkrai Kanchanapokin, CEO of Index Creative Village.

Kriengkrai said it is important that our people list priorities and the most favorable assets we have so that we can develop them further and make them part of the national agenda.

The brain-storming session was one of the government’s efforts to conduct broad-based public diplomacy in the post-pandemic world. The government would like to formulate a sustainable and cohesive strategy to promote Thailand.

Kriengkrai Kanchanapokin, CEO of Index Creative Village says, “Thailand must highlight the country’s latest developments in science and innovation that have made the country unique.”

The participants, who came from government, the private sector, the media and academia, identified five key issues on which the country needs to build better appreciation and understanding by foreign countries. First of all is the emerging health care system, which can be further developed and promoted. Second is tourism in the new normal, which must be more eco-friendly and greener. Third is the new economic potential of Thailand. Fourth is Thainess and its values. Fifth is the country’s aspiration to be the hub of regional vaccines.

The coming years, are extremely pivotal for Thailand as the whole world is moving toward a path of recovery. Certainly, some parts of the world will be able to stand up and make economic progress faster than other regions. In the case of Thailand, the government and the public must be on the same page so they can develop a long-term grand strategy to attract investment, tourists and offer other benefits that would turn Thailand into a more sophisticated and prosperous country.

Thailand is hosting next year’s Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Leaders’ Meeting. This is a great opportunity for Thailand to showcase its new ideas, and innovations related to science and technology. It will be the first time that some of the region’s most powerful nations will be represented at a leaders’ meeting in Bangkok.

At the moment, Thailand is dealing with the third wave of the coronavirus infection, which has delayed plans to open up the country to tourism. Today, only Phuket is an open resort for foreign visitors. The Phuket Sandbox scheme is designed to lure tourists back to a popular destination, along with long-stay residents.

The Public Relations Department will be responsible for drawing on all the best ideas and practices raised by participants. Later on, recommendations will be forwarded to the Prime Minister’s Office. After that, it is hoped that Thailand will have a new brand name. (NNT)