Thailand to lower use of antibiotics in livestock for consumer safety


Bangkok – Livestock Department Director-General Sorawit Thaneto and members of the Thai Veterinary Medical Association Under Royal Patronage (TVMA) have announced their intention to reduce the use of antibiotics in livestock to promote food safety.

TVMA President Dr. Somchuan Rattanamangkalanont said the VMA and the Livestock Department and other relevant agencies have joined hands in developing guidelines on the use of antibiotics in livestock to ensure that there are no chemicals left in the meat before it is delivered to consumers.

The guidelines will be in keeping with global standards for antibiotic use and the Livestock Department’s goal to lower the use of chemicals in livestock by 30% by 2021. Meat manufacturers will also be required to comply with the regulations.

Thai Swine Veterinary Association President, Dr. Sujet Cheunchom said his organization will make sure that pork producers comply with the consumer safety guidelines.

As for poultry, the President of the Thai Poultry Veterinary Association Dr. Sumet Sapchukul said Japan, the Middle East and the European Union continue to import chicken from Thailand as it meets global safety standards.

He added that veterinarians working on chicken farms use antibiotics only when it is absolutely necessary and in a small amount to treat sick chickens. Dr. Sumet claimed farm chickens in Thailand are bred from species that are resistant to diseases.