Households near Phu Tap Berk evacuated over landslide fears


Petchabun – The Governor of Petchabun province has ordered the evacuation of three households after finding a crack in the road leading to Phu Tap Berk mountain that indicates the possibility of a landslide.

A check of Highway 2331 leading up to Phu Tap Berk has revealed a one to two meter stretch of eroded roadway and a crack 10-70 centimeters wide stretching for 25-150 meters along the road. The crack descends through three layers of soil and would signal danger if it were to reach the fourth layer. Due to forecasts of more rain in the region, Governor of Petchabun Suebsak Iamcharoen has ordered that three households in the path of a possible landslide be evacuated and for evacuation rehearsals for another 25 households be undertaken. The roadway has been completely closed but some local residents are reportedly still using it, while an alternative route is being negotiated.