Thailand expresses continued concern on Syria


BANGKOK, Sept 11 — Thailand is still seriously concerned about the crisis in Syria despite eased worry about possible US military strikes there. 

Thailand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on its website that the country reemphasised its strongest possible condemnation regarding the use of chemical weapons, saying it is serious international crime and against international norms. The ministry said there is a need for a strong and united response by the international community to hold those responsible to account.

Thailand has called on the United Nations fact-finding mission on Syria to submit its report as soon as possible, and strongly called on the UN Security Council to rise up to this challenge to take effective action on this critical matter and to protect innocent people in Syria.

At the same time, Thailand believed that the international community must continue to explore all avenues for a peaceful political settlement to this conflict to allow the people of Syria to decide their own future through an inclusive and democratic process.

US President Barack Obama, in a rare prime-time television address to his nation on Tuesday, vowed to give diplomacy a chance before launching a military attack on Syria for using chemical weapons on its own people last month.

Syria earlier agreed to a proposal by Russia to place its chemical weapons under international control and then have them destroyed.