Thailand accumulates 97 zika cases in 10 provinces this year but all are kept under control


Thailand accumulated 97 cases of people infected with virus zika in 10 provinces in the first half of this year, but all were kept under control, except in Bung Kan and Phetchabun provinces.

Dr Amnuay Kagina, director-general of the Communicable Disease Control Department, said from January this year till June, health officials accumulated 97 cases of people infected with zika virus in 42 villages of 16 districts in 10 provinces.


But at present the disease was kept under control with no further detection of zika virus cases, except in two provinces, Bung Kan and Phetchabun where health officials are still putting them on a 28-day monitoring period.

He said if no new cases are detected during the period, then they will be declared zika virus free areas.

He said zika cases were first detected in 2012 when Thailand’s medical system was still unable to diagnose the disease but had to send to land in the United States for test.

He said although Thailand would accumulate 97 cases of people infected with zika virus, it was not a spread all over the whole province but was just one or two cases detected, incomparable to the spread in South America, particularly in Brazil.