Thai students receive Asian Physics Olympiad medals


BANGKOK, 11 May 2015 – Eight Thai students have received awards from the Asian Physics Olympiad competition in China, according to the IPST President.

According to the President of the Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology (IPST) Pornpun Waitayangkoon, Thai students have been awarded 2 gold medals, 3 silver medals, 1 bronze medals, and 2 honorary awards from the 2015 Asian Physics Olympiad held in Hangzhou, China.

The gold medalists are two students from Triam Udom Suksa Pattanakarn School and Mahidol Wittayanusorn School. The silver medalists are three students from Yothinburana School, Triam Udom Suksa School, and Mahidol Wittayanusorn School. The bronze medalists are a student from Triam Udom Suksa School, and two more students from Mahidol Wittayanusorn also received honorary awards.

The Thai competitors have been mentored by professors from Mahidol University, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, the IPST, and the Armed Forces Academies Preparatory School.

The Thailand team arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport at 5:40pm today, on the CX701 flight with a welcoming ceremony hosted by the IPST at the airport.