Thai PM affirms support for US and ASEAN investors


BANGKOK, Nov 3 — Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha promised to facilitate US and ASEAN investor business

He made his promise when meeting with a US-ASEAN Business Council delegation at Government House this morning.

Afterward, Gen Prayut told representatives of 34 companies that the Thai government was ready to support their business and investment and protect the interest of concerned countries fairly. He said his government was amending laws and ministerial regulations to facilitate invesment.

“It is a joy that the business community understand and are willing to increase their investment in Thailand. The government is ready to lay down long-term foundations to create security and confidence on the basis of fair benefit to all. Investment must be transparent and the government has a clear policy to suppress corruption. This will make operators confident that there will not be corruption,” Gen Prayut said.

Government spokesman Yongyuth Mayalarp said Gen Prayut told the delegation that he was implementing his roadmap for national reform in 11 areas including: economic reform focusing on infrastructure development, water management, clean energy, financial and property business expansion and streamlined export and import procedures.

US investors are interested in energy, infrastructure, information technology, health tourism business and the digital economy, he said.

Trade and investment have been growing between Thailand the United States. Last year the value of mutual trade reached US$38 billion and the figure this year amounted to US$25 billion as of August.