Thai Ministry of Culture concerned over ‘inappropriate’ topless painting TV show


CHON BURI , June 18 —  Thailand’s Culture Minister Sukumol Khunploem said Monday that she will seek an explanation from producers of a popular television show following a topless painting show aired on prime-time slot yesterday (June 17).

Mrs Sukumol said she was shocked when viewing a video clip featuring a female contestant painting a canvas using her bare breasts in the  renowned ‘Thailand’s Got Talent’ show, which is a  hotly-debated issue in the social media networks.

The breast painting was too explicit, the minster explained. Thailand’s Got Talent, a highly popular programme among all age groups with high audience ratings, was televised Sundays during prime time in the evening when family members, including youth, watched the show.

Mrs Sukumol expressed concern about the part of the programme showing breasts, which she described as ‘inappropriate’ for children, although she sees the whole programme rated as of good quality one and encouraged Thai youth to showcase their outstanding talent.

‘I don’t understand how the production team allowed the show to go on air unedited as the show was not live broadcast,” she said.

Initially, the ministry will ask the programme producers and TV Channel 3 to explain the censorship process and artistic expression as well, and  will further discuss the issue with relevant agencies.

The topless painting show, televised Sunday, was performed by a 23-year-old woman who turned to face her canvas, began taking off her shirt and bra, then threw coloured paint on her body and used her body and breasts for painting on the canvas.

The female performer passed the audition to the next round voted by two male judges but she failed to win the heart–and vote–of the sole female judge.

Thailand’s Got Talent, a part of the world-renowned British programme ‘Got Talent,’ was brought to the kingdom for the first time in March last year, aiming to look for talented contestants regardless of their age, gender, and type of act. The winner will be awarded prizes worth Bt10 million.