Guinean President to visit Thailand next week


BANGKOK, June 19- President Alpha Conde of the Republic of Guinea will officially visit Thailand from Sunday to next Tuesday (June 24-26) to foster bilateral relations between the two countries, according the Thai Foreign Affairs Ministry.

President Conde will attend a welcoming ceremony held at Government House on Sunday and will discuss with Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra bilateral cooperation in trade and investment, as well as technical cooperation for further development.

In the course of the historic visit, the first by a Guinean president since establishment of Thai-Guinean diplomatic relations in 1983, two Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) will be signed, an MoU on Technical Cooperation, and an MoU on the Establishment of Bilateral Consultations.

On this occasion, the Thai premier will host a dinner in honour of the visiting Guinean president and his delegation at the Santi Maitri Building.

Apart from enhancing the relations between the two nations, President Conde will meet potential Thai investors and businesspersons from various sectors, particularly trade, mining, agro-industry, energy and construction, intending to promote awareness of investment opportunities in Guinea.

He also was set to visit major agro-industry facilities and meet with the Guinean community living in Thailand.

The upcoming event is an opportunity for both countries to expand cooperation in various areas, both at the bilateral and multilateral levels, for the mutual benefit of both countries. The visit will also provide an opportunity to promote better understanding and closer relations at the people-to-people level.