Thai military unworried about terrorism, denies knowledge of secret CIA prison


BANGKOK, Dec 11 — The Royal Thai Armed Forces said today that Thailand is not worried about the United States’ warning of terrorism in Thailand, affirming that the military has no clue about the whereabouts of US’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) secret prison in Thailand, according to chief of the Defense Forces Gen Worapong Sanganet.

He gave assurances that the Thai security sector has been closely monitoring terrorism in the country.

The US warning to its citizens living and traveling in Thailand to be careful of terrorist attacks is an ordinary move by the power giant, as it usually warns its people about terrorism in other countries as well, Gen Worapong said, emphasising that Thais should not panic.

Asked about the so-called secret CIA prison in Thailand and whether or not this would cause the country to become a target for terrorist attacks, the supreme commander told reporters that he has no information on the matter.

He said the national security-related agencies have always been on alert regarding possible terrorist attacks, so there is nothing to worry about, although a report has been issued by the CIA saying that Thailand could become a target for terrorism.

Thailand remains safe for traveling, Gen Worapang asserted.

On Wednesday, the US Senate delivered a damning indictment of CIA practices, accusing the spy agency of inflicting pain and suffering on prisoners in varied locations beyond legal limits. I

In the report, a secret waterboarding prison was linked to a location in Thailand, where inhumane torturing of Muslim terrorists was carried out to draw out information on possible terrorism attacks.

The Thai government has denied any knowledge of the existence of such a prison.