Thai Labor Ministry seeks to allow pregnant women to work from home

Labor Minister Suchart said that a rule which requires employers to allow pregnant workers to work from home on full pay, will be enforced.

Thailand’s Labor Ministry is seeking a measure to allow pregnant employees to work from home on full pay and will consider benefits in the country’s labor protection laws to respond to future critical situations which affect workers.

Labor Minister Suchart Chomklin has told the Labor Network for People’s Rights and the Women and Men Progressive Movement Foundation that a rule, which can force employers to allow their pregnant workers to work from home on full pay, will take effect.

He said the ministry will also instruct hospitals to reconsider how much they charge employees affected by COVID-19, after a complaint about a 100,000-baht bill for coronavirus treatment at a private hospital, adding that the government has allocated a budget to cover COVID-19 hospitalizations.

Mr. Suchart said he agrees with the idea to modify benefits under labor protection laws and will hold discussions soon with various sectors, in response to a petition from labor advocacy groups claiming business operators continue to run their factories despite detecting infections on their premises. (NNT)