Thai industries likely to grow impressively alongside EEC


Bangkok – A leading high-street research agency has predicted a bright future for three industries after the passing of the new Eastern Economic Corridor bill.

Siam Commercial Bank’s Economic Intelligence Center or EIC believes the aviation and logistics industry, the robotics industry and the digital industry will play a more important role after the EEC bill is put into effect as they will be the ones to support the growth of other sectors.

It elaborated that development of U-Tapao Airport is expected to be able to accommodate up to 60 million passengers within the next 14 years while the air transport business in Asia is expected to expand by 60 percent.

This will also lead to the development of adjacent towns and eventually the setting up of an Airport City, the EIC commented.

Meanwhile, all digitally-related businesses are projected to expand impressively and the total spending on digital technology is projected to rise to 135 billion baht in 2020 from 73 billion baht in 2015.