Chinese New Year being celebrated nationwide


Bangkok – Thais of Chinese descent engaged in ceremonies across the nation Thursday to mark Chinese New Year, with many traveling to shrines in search of good fortune.

Members of the largely Chinese population of Yaowarat road in Bangkok attended Wat Mangkol Kamalawas, in an act believed to bestow merit and good fortune upon those who pay their respects during auspicious occasions. When asked about their visit to the temple most of them remarked that they come annually to ensure good fortune for their families.

Many more Chinese New Year revelers were seen along Yaowarat Road, Bangkok’s China Town, purchasing offerings such as meats, fruit and desserts.

The road this year, is hosting the “Rich and Fortunate Year of the Dog” event in its Chalerm Prakiat Gate area. It has attracted both local and foreign visitors in big numbers.

Similar scenes took place at the popular Chao Pho Suea Shrine with most visitors seeking to circumvent bad luck brought on by their year of birth according to traditional Chinese beliefs.

In Phuket province, a major activity was set up with feasts and dragon dances taking place on the occasion of Chinese New Year. Chiang Mai province held the 16th incarnation of its Chinese New Year celebration, taking place on Chang Mai road and Wichayanon road, which have both been decorated in Chinese motifs such as glowing red lanterns.