Thai FM calls for safe atmosphere to live in for all societies in Asia-Pacific


Thai FM calls for safe atmosphere to live in for all societies in Asia-Pacific BANGKOK, 28 May 2015  – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Tanasak Patimapragorn backed an establishment of suitable atmosphere in each ESCAP member state where its people can live with safety and in dignity.

He maded the call in his capacity as Thai representative to the 71st Session of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) held in Bangkok.

In his address, Gen Tanasak said ESCAP member states were facing various forms of challenges such as natural disasters, economic inequality, and illegal migration. In order to handle the challenges, all of them should establish the atmosphere he had mentioned.

For Thailand, he said, sustainable development is promoted through the use of sufficiency economy philosophy. The concept aims to improve the quality of life while facilitating environmental conservation at the same time.

He continued to say that Thailand was putting great efforts to build a low-carbon society by raising environmental-friendly awareness among Thai people and encouraging them to preserve green areas. More investment in effective water management and waste disposal systems were also part of the efforts.

For the climate change, Gen Tanasak said Thailand has installed pre-warning system in order to reduce risk from natural disasters. This was part of the government attempts to develop the Thai economy and upgrade the quality of life of people. The government believed that moving Thailand towards agricultural society would bring the country to the sustainable development.