Thai embassy in Myanmar waiting for permission to vist 92 Thais in prison


BANGKOK, 26 July 2012 -The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has disclosed that the Thai embassy in Myanmar is now waiting for the Burmese authorities to grant permission to visit the 92 Thais who have just been given a jail term of 3 years and a half for trespassing. 

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Thani Thongpakdi said a Burmese court on Monday sentenced the Thai nationals to 3 and a half years in prison each for illegal border crossing and forest encroachment.

The officials at the Thai embassy in Myanmar are now waiting for the permission to visit the Thai inmates. According to Mr. Thani, the embassy will seek to talk with the inmates first to find out whether they wish to further the case to the appeal court, or they will request a reduction of the punishment term. However, he said any rescue effort to be undertaken must be in compliance with the Burmese law.