Thai cat saved from python in Tak

Good Samaritans drove up on this crazy sight in the nick of time.

When a python and cat both went after a flock of pigeons in Tak Province, the big snake decided it would rather have feline for lunch.

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A viral video clip captured the moment when the giant snake wrapped itself around the stray kitty in the middle of a road near the Mae Ping River in the northern province.

Bystanders rushed to free the cat, which promptly headed for the hills. The python, denied lunch, was captured by animal-control officers.

Witnesses said the cat had been hunting some pigeons on the Chalermprakiat arch. The unlucky kitty didn’t realize the python was after some wings as well. But when the snake saw the cat, it decided on a larger meal.

People sprang into action to try and save the kitty’s life.

Using sticks and poles, onlookers managed to free the feline from the serpent’s deadly grip, although not before the python put up a fight.


Stunned, the lucky cat took a minute to come to its senses.

The cat ran off to live out its eight remaining lives.