Thai Cabinet grants 14-day schools, entertainment venues closure – Songkran holiday postponed on COVID-19


BANGKOK – Thailand steps up measures to limit the spread of coronavirus with a 14-day closure of all schools, entertainment venues, movie theaters and other public gatherings in Bangkok and adjacent provinces.

After the measures forwarded by a special coronavirus task force, the Cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha approved the recommendation on Tuesday.

The moves came after the number of Covid-19 cases jumped to 177.  Thirty new coronavirus infections were reported on Tuesday.

Along with the measures, the government also announced postponement of the traditional Songkran New Year holiday which falls on April 13-15.

All civil servants and state enterprise employees are prohibited from taking unnecessary overseas trip.

The big jumps of new cases in the past week are believed to have been linked to a bar and a crowded boxing match.

Private businesses are encouraged to respond to the new measures and adopt their own actions to help prevent the virus from spreading.

Thai citizens living abroad are advised to suspend their return to Thailand until the situation improves.  Health screenings for inbound travelers have also been intensified.

The Cabinet ministers also announced actions to ease public concerns over shortages medical supplies including face masks. (TNA)