Thai bourse postpones overseas roadshows awaiting clear flood rehab plan


BANGKOK, Nov 4 – Thailand’s flood crisis has prompted the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) to postpone its overseas roadshows to the year-end, President Charamporn Jotikasthira of the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) said on Friday.

The exchange is awaiting clarification from the government on its post-flood rehabilitation plans and Thai economic conditions, as well as future flood prevention measures before the bourse will attempt to explain the country’s investment scene to foreign investors, so that they understand the situation and regain confidence in Thailand, he said.

The SET has so far responded to their inquiries and notified inquirers that its trading system remains functional as normal.

Impacts from flooding caused the Thai bourse to delay its plan to attract leading foreign investors, such as those from Australia, China and Italy, to invest in Thai stock market because it first needs to boost confidence among them on Thai stock trading system, executing orders between brokers and the country’s basic infrastructure.

He reaffirmed that Thai stock trading volume of foreign investors is still normal and that it is proceeding in the same direction as other stock markets in the region.