Police arrest Brit selling sex drugs


Police have arrested a 58 year British national who was in possession of a huge quantity of sex drugs valued at an estimated 10 million baht.

Neil Pattinson was arrested shortly after midnight on November the 4th at a beer bar on second road and taken to the police station.

The police had a court warrant and inteligence regarding Pattinson selling sexual enhancement tablets and jelly to tourists and exporting the goods overseas.

They then went to search his office at View Thalay 6 where they found the drugs including Kamagra, Viagra, Absilis-SX, diazepam and a selection of sleeping pills.

All of the drugs were taken as evidence and were worth approximately 10 million baht.

The officers charged Pattinson with ‘the Selling of modern medicine without a drugs licience and working without a work permit.

From the investigation of the online website, the officers found that foreign customers were placing orders for sexual  stimulating drugs, muscle growing hormones and steroids which are restricted drugs in Thailand.

Pol. Lt. Col. Khwanpichiya Manocharoenzup stated that there were also a number of products already packaged up waiting to be posted overseas.

He said that the customers were from many countries all over the world.

And that the name and address of the seller was fake to ensure that the seller could not be traced, the drugs were also secreted within greeting cards again so that they would not be obvious to any officials.

The officers continued their search at a smaller office ran by the same company on Soi 16 where they found a handful of drugs along with financial documents and accounts showing that Mr Pattinson earns more than 3 million baht per month from his illegal business.

Pattinson stated that the owner of the smaller office was a Mr. Keith Ireland who works in real estate, however the police did not believe him.

Pattinson was tranferred to the station for profiling  and awaits his day in court where he will surely face some very stiff sentencing.