Thai artists win first and second prizes in sand sculpture competition in Hokkaido


Thai artists have won the first and the second prices in the 6th sand sculpture competition and exhibition held at Ishikari beach in Hokkaido of Japan last week.


It was the first time that organisers of the Ishikari sand sculpture and exhibition invited Thai artists to enter the competition.

Thailand sent two teams to enter the completion.

The first team was from Hua Hin Municipality and the second team from the Faculty of Management Science of Silpakorn University.

Hua Hin won the first prize for its “Friend” sculpture which features a Thai child with top knot hair style hugging a buffalo reflecting that Thailand is a rice growing country.


The second prize went to the Silpakorn University for its “I am a Tiger” sculpture featuring a cat looking at a mirror and seeing itself a tiger. The artists of this amazing sculpture wanted to communicate to the viewers of self confidence of oneself which sometimes is more potential than one would expect.

A total of 22 teams entered the competition.

The third prize went to a local Hokkaido team of artists.

The sand sculpture exhibition will be on show on the beach until July 10.