Thai-American US senator meets PM Prayut


Bangkok – Tammy Duckworth, the first Thai-born Senator of the United States, has visited Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha. She expressed admiration for the political and economic development of Thailand and noted her confidence that both countries will continue to promote comprehensive bilateral cooperation.

Gen Prayut said he was honored to meet the first Thai-born female member of the US Senate and said that she was an example of a strong military officer who had inspired many people.

Ms Duckworth said she saw important developments in Thailand and was impressed with its political and economic development. She was confident that the two countries that have a longstanding friendship, will maintain their close ties in all regards.

Thailand as the Chairman of ASEAN is ready to play a major part in building a creative relationship with the United States, and helping solve regional problems such as the situations in Rakhine State; on the Korean Peninsula, and in the South China Sea, to maintain stability.

The Prime Minister also invited the United States to establish concrete cooperation with ASEAN and create connectivity with sub-regional cooperation pacts, such as ACMECS.

Ms Duckworth was first elected an MP in 2012. She served as an MP twice before running for a Senate position in 2016. She is the first disabled person to be elected a US senator and the first US senator born in Thailand, to a father who was an American veteran, and a Thai mother.