Taxi driver praised for returning money to passenger


BANGKOK– Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport has granted a certificate for a taxi driver who has returned belongings left behind by a passenger, promoting the act as a role model for taxi drivers.

Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport has granted a certificate to Mr Pan Daochan, a taxi driver registered with the airport who has returned belongings of a passenger who left them behind on 2 May 2016.

The belonging was successfully returned to Me Omar Ali, a Kenyan passenger who took the taxi from the airport to a hotel in Pratunam area, Bangkok. The belonging is a black wallet containing 3,500 US dollars worth of banknotes.

On this occasion, Suvarnabhumi Airport Deputy Director Patchara Pornyuthapong has thanked and praised Mr Pan’s honesty and noble actions which reflects the level of care he has towards passengers, which in return has brought fame and builds the airport’s good image.

She states that all airport staff should look up to Mr Pan as a role model when providing services to passengers.