Tawin: Justice claimed in unfair transfer case


BANGKOK, 8 March 2014 Advisor to the Prime Minister Tawin Pleansri says the case concerning his unreasonable transfer is merely his fight for justice, adding that the Prime Minister will have to reinstate him as head of the National Security Council (NSC) within 45 days. 

Mr Tawin indicated that it had taken him 2 years and 6 months to bring about a court order to cancel the Prime Minister’s Office announcement issued on September 30, 2011, on his transfer from the helm of the NSC to serve as the Prime Minister’s Advisor. He said the initiation of the case was not aimed to retrieve his former position but rather to claim justice for himself.

The former NSC Secretary-General disclosed that, apart from him, there were a number of other civil servants whose transfers had been conducted with prejudice. He thus called on all individuals in Thai politics and civil service to refrain from giving in to nepotism in order to allow for more efficiency in the working system.

After the court handed down its verdict yesterday, Mr Tawin said the Prime Minister would have to issue an order to cancel his previous transfer and reappoint him as the NSC Chief in 45 days. Moreover, another order will be required to designate his two successors, Pol Gen Wichien Pojphosri and Pol Lt Gen Paradorn Pattanathabutr, to positions higher than that of the NSC secretary-general.

In the wake of his transfer in 2011, Mr Tawin filed a petition with the Central Administrative Court in April 2012 and the court ordered to have his transfer nullified in the following month. However, the Prime Minister lodged an appeal with the Supreme Administrative Court in June 2012, leading to the court’s conclusion on March 7, 2014, that the previous ruling on Mr Tawin’s reinstatement was to be upheld.