TAT to attract Chinese tourists from South Korea and Japan markets


BANGKOK,(NNT) – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) plans to attract more Chinese tourists from South Korea and Japan, due to advantages in Thailand’s tourism scene this year.


The TAT Governor Yuthasak Supasorn has revealed the TAT will be promoting Thailand’s unique tourism products to attract groups of Chinese tourists who generally travel to Japan and South Korea in wake of a 12 percent drop in spendings in Japan among this tourist group, and missile defense system’s deployment in South Korea definitely reduce the number of visitors.

He has said theses conditions push Thailand into becoming one of the top destinations for Chinese tourists, while Thailand also has an advantage from its good variation of tourism products such as foods, attractions, and the good relations between Thailand and China where racial discrimination does not exist between both peoples.

The TAT governor has said as this will be a different tourist group, it is very likely the number of Chinese tourists visiting Thailand will increase from last year, while other markets have been performing positively. The South African market has seen over 110 percent growth, the Indian market expanded by 20 percent, and the European market has also been growing constantly.