Tapwater quality at Khlong Prapa improved: Waterworks Authority


BANGKOK, Nov 4 – The water quality in Khlong Prapa, used for tap water production to serve the Thai capital, has been improved after damaged dykes were repaired and strengthened, according to the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA).

The city’s water agency can now better regulate inflow of floodwater into Khlong Prapa after repairs were completed of the damaged dykes along Khlong Prapa and the use of oversize sandbags at the Chulalongkorn sluice gate and Rangsitprayoonsak Canal in Pathum Thani, which has helped reduce the northern runoff advancing to the capital.

In a related development, the MWA and other agencies jointly reinforced the flood prevention dyke along Khlong Prapa after two sections of the embankment near Karnbinthai Village in Nonthaburi’s Chaengwattana area ruptured Thursday night.

Following the reinforcement act, MWA Assistant Governor Ulysh Makmaitree said that the dyke is strong enough to resist floodwater, as the mass of the oncoming water has been obstructed by buildings.

The water agency asked for cooperation from local residents to maintain the flood-prevention dyke along Khlong Prapa to prevent further possible damage.

Meanwhile, the water level in Khlong Prapa on Friday dropped by only six centimetres as the water agency tried to maintain the water level in the canal and the water level outside the dyke at a similar level to keep the embankment strong. Otherwise, raging water could damage the dyke.

Regarding tap water production for residents in the capital, Nonthaburi and Samut Prakan, the MWA has adjusted purification treatment chemicals to improve water quality.

The Bang Khen water treatment plant on Friday increased its tap water production by another 100,000 cubic metres to 2.9 million cubic metres per day after earlier cutting production by 200,000 cubic metres due to the poor quality of water in Khlong Prapa.

Regarding the problem of tap water in the western side of Chao Phraya River, the Mahasawat treatment plant produces tap water of almost the same quality and quantity as its normal production.