Sweet longkong for Thailand’s father


NARATHIWAT, Oct 12 – A group of farmers in this southern province has joined hands in cultivating a specially-selected longkong variety to be presented to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej next month.

The 24 planters participated in the so-called “Father’s Longkong” project to show their loyalty to the King who has introduced the philosophy of sufficiency economy. Like all Thai citizens, they have looked up to His Majesty as a guiding light.

Narathiwat governor Apinan Sutanuwong said red ribbons were tied around a batch of longkong trees (L. domesticum) under the “Father’s Longkong” scheme.

The longkong trees will bear fruits of superior quality late next month.

Parn Suksathan, one of the 24 farmers, said he has always wanted to present longkong to His Majesty the King and immediately joined the project when he learned about it.

He said the popular ‘see poh’ variety, grown widely in Narathiwat’s Ra-ngae district, produces a sweet and fragrant odour.

Longkong is widely cultivated in Southeast Asia. Identified scientifically as Lansium domesticum, it is in the botanical family Meliaceae.