Suthep: Democrat Party popularity rising


BANGKOK, June 24 – Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban on Friday said the popularity of the Democrat Party is gradually rising as the public have more information for their voting decision-making following the Democrat’s major election campaign rally at Ratchaprasong Thursday evening.

Speaking in his capacity as deputy leader of the Democrat party, Mr Suthep said theThursday night rally at Bangkok’s prime commercial and shopping area Thursday evening reminded the public of last year’s incidents and gave them more information before making up their minds as to who who they should vote for, particularly the facts about recent political demonstrations.

“As I know the popularity of the Democrat party keeps rising and I’m confident that we will win 26 out of 33 seats in the capital,” asserted Mr Suthep.

Mr Suthep said he was told by an unnamed friend that fugitive ex-premier Thaksin Shinawatra has a close aide seeking cooperation from coalition parties to form a new government with the Pheu Thai Party, and that those parties have been offered benefits and interests in return.

The Democrat deputy leader noted that with such a move it can be surmised that the Pheu Thai party’s claim that it can win as many as 270 seats is unlikely.

“I believe the Pheu Thai party will gain no more than 200 MP seats, while the Democrats will get some 200 seats as well,” said Mr Suthep.

The Democrat rally at Ratchaprasong, last year’s rally site for the anti-government Red Shirt movement, was aimed at explaining facts to the public over the clashes between security forces and protesters, as well as appealing the “silent group” who remain undecided to cast their ballots. (MCOT online news)