Suthep declares people’s uprising on Monday, Dec 9


BANGKOK, Dec 7 – Protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban made his boldest announcement last night, calling on Thai people nationwide to jointly stand up against the government on Monday, December 9.

In an emotional speech to anti-government protesters which lasted almost two hours, the former Democrat MP urged people to leave their residences onto the city streets and head for a single destination – Government House – starting at 9.39 am.

“It has to end. There is no point to prolong the fight. We have our responsibilities. The government is buying time until we are exhausted or bored. Our executive committee unanimously agreed that the fight must end on Monday, December 9,” said Mr Suthep, secretary-general of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee.

“Everybody in Thailand has to take a side. If you want to be a free man, you must come out. If you decide to be Thaksin’s slave for the rest of your life, stay at home.”

He asked civil servants to go on strike and join the people’s massive demonstrations despite a reported attempt by the government to block them.

“We will organise a countrywide uprising to take back our sovereignty. Provincial people should move to the city halls in their respective provinces to block civil servants from entering their offices. Students should also rise up in unison to reject the Thaksin regime.”

Every road in Bangkok will lead to Government House on Monday, to show the people’s unity to the world, said Mr Suthep.

The former deputy prime minister said he and protest leaders agreed that the protest must end to stop inconveniences and suffering among protesters, and they would accept the consequences no matter the outcome.

“We’ll be slaves if we don’t win. There is no other alternative. The nine of us are willing to accept the insurrection charges. Let us wait until December 9 to see who will be defeated. That is the end. There should be no more damages and casualties in the country.”

Mr Suthep and eight Democrat MPs announced their resignations from the House of Representatives last month to be fully involved in the anti-government movement.

The former Surat Thani MP said he would lead protesters from the Government Complex on Changwattana Road to Government House, about 17 km away, while protesters on Rajdamnoen Avenue and the Finance Ministry will simultaneously leave their rally sites for the same destination.

“If you don’t want to join, please stay at home, because traffic in the city will be heavily congested,” he warned.

“We have played our final card and gone all-in. We will accept the outcome, be it triumph or defeat. We have to be realistic that an insufficient number of people, despite their courage and unity, may result in deaths or injuries for this government has no mercy on people. We have to overcome fear. Our victory relies on the number of people who come out to join the fight.”