Suspected foot-and-mouth infection among cattle in Buri Ram


Cattle raisers in Buri Ram province have been told by the provincial livestock officials not to move the beasts of burden out of their original locations to prevent the spread of foot-and-mouth disease.


Buri Ram provincial livestock officials on Monday took random specimens of fluid from cattle in several parts of the province after it was discovered that more than 100 heads of cattle in Tambon Chumhed, Muang district, had fallen sick and several of them had died for suspected food-and-mouth disease.

The specimens will be sent to the central laboratory for foot-and-mouth disease in Nakhon Ratchasima province for tests, said veterinarian Mr Suriya Kakarawong on Monday.

Meanwhile, livestock officials also sprayed chemicals in cattle enclosures to kill the virus that caused foot-and-mouth disease to prevent it from spreading.

He said raisers were told to immediately report to livestock officials if any of their animals fell sick.