Survey launched to determine agriculture zoning for crops and animal rearing


BANGKOK, 1 July 2013 The Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives Yukol Limlamthong has instructed its officials nationwide to raise awareness about agriculture zoning among farmers before the plan is due for implementation. 

According to him, the zoning is designed to lower production capital and boost the productivity of crops and animal farms, thus generating a stable income for farmers. Under the program, over 150 million rais of farmlands across Thailand will be segregated based on geographical factors. So far, the ministry has already designated 13 crops and five kinds of livestock to be promoted. They are, for example, rice, sugarcane, cassava, hens, swine and fish.

Provincial governors nationwide have been entrusted to take the main responsibility of the zoning in respective provinces. They are required to conduct a survey on local agro businesses, transport as well as irrigation patterns. The data gained will be processed and sent to the Ministry for use in the drawing up of agricultural zoning at the national level. The plan will solve the problem of farmers cultivating the same cash crops in one season causing excessive produce and price declines. It will be used in the decision making process to establish the compatibility between the land and the crops or animals to be promoted.