Surin agriculturists turn to corn, watermelons, peanuts amid water scarcity


SURIN, 13 February 2016 – Rice farmers in Surin are now growing corn, sweet potatoes, watermelons, and peanuts as a secondary source of income to support their families. 

In one instance, sweet potatoes and corn are being grown on a 5-rai plantation which belongs to a local farmer named Suchart Chaiya. He has been earning an income amid the drought by selling the produce of the two crops.

According to him, both sweet potatoes and corn are drought-tolerant plants, meaning it takes less water for them to grow. Unlike rice, they do not need much attention.

After 60-70 days, Mr Suchart said he would be able to sell sweet potatoes at 10-12 baht per kilogram.

He noted that he could now make more money as the cost of growing potatoes is relatively low when compared to growing rice.

Apart from the crops mentioned, Mr Suchart is also growing watermelons and peanuts.